Defence of

  • persons summoned to give an explanation
  • suspects // also detained suspects
  • accused // also arrested / those prosecuted whilst in custody / already in prison for other crimes /     escaped
  • accused // also those prosecuted whilst in custody / already in prison for other crimes / escaped
  • convicted // also convicted in another state / serving a prison term in another state
  • persons in extradition / transfer proceedings - in custody


before all criminal law enforcement authorities and at all stages of the criminal proceedings, drafting of all submissions, preparation of a procedural strategy at any stage of the criminal proceedings, legal aid to convicted persons in the filing of extraordinary legal remedies (administrative appeal, application to the Minister of Justice to file a complaint for breach of law, constitutional complain, retrial)

From the very beginning of my practice, I have devoted myself professionally to the field of criminal law, and in particular the defence of persons against whom criminal proceedings have been brought. I am a member of the Union of Czech Defence Attorneys.

In the course of my practice, I have been acted as a defence attorney both in a whole range of offenses such as theft, breaking and entering, failure to fulfil legal obligation to support or provide for another person, defamation, obstruction of justice and obstruction of a sentence of banishment, dangerous threats, dangerous pursuit, hooliganism, damage to a thing of another person, damage to a creditor, bodily harm, breach of duty in the administration of the property of another person, as well as crimes, such as extortion, rape, fraud, credit fraud, maltreatment of a person living in a common household, embezzlement, unauthorised use of a thing of another person, evasion of taxes, fees and similar compulsory payments, misuse of information and position in business relations, unauthorised obtaining, forgery and alteration of a means of payment, money laundering, and also particularly serious crimes, such as attempted murder, serious bodily harm, robbery, rape, fraud (in the highest paragraph), and participation in an organised criminal group.

Furthermore, I represented in extradition proceedings a person detained and subsequently transferred to a foreign state, persons who are listed in INTERPOL databases, a charged refugee, persons residing long-term outside the Czech Republic, and others.

JUDr. Vít Nevařil, law firm, Opletalova 1015/55, Praha 1, Nové Město, 110 00, e-mail:

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