- Drafting contracts

- Negotiating changes in contracts

- Debt recovery from most contract types

- Actions for the meeting of contractual obligations

- Withdrawal from contracts

Although it should apply that contracts once concluded are to be honoured, this is not always the case. At the same time, it applies that a contract must be within the bounds of the law, but although it may seem to correspond fully to the letter of the law, it does not mean that such a contract ultimately captures the meaning of the law and will stand up before a court.

If you are preparing to buy or sell, donate, rent, lease for further commercial use, or conversely need to assess a contract that has already been concluded as to what extent all the arrangements in the contract are valid, or you are in a situation where the other party to the contract refuses to fulfill what it has committed to, if the creditor is demanding something that it is not entitled to, or the debtor stops communicating with you, it is a good time to consult these matters with an attorney.

In my practice, I have represented both Czech and foreign clients in negotiating the contents of various types of contracts, from simple lease contracts to a complex and extensive contract for the sale of a company worth over CZK 80 million. I have also represented sellers during the sale of a plant, or in the purchase of bundles of real estate worth tens of millions of crowns, contracts for work for various technical performance, including licensing contracts for work, which are subject to copyright protection, especially in the field of information technology.

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