- Legal advice particularly on the establishment, amendment, and termination of employment

- Resolving labour law conflicts and conflict situations

- Representation in labour law disputes, typically concerned the invalidity of termination from employment or during immediate termination of employment

- Protection of an employee in the case of bullying/discrimination on the part of the employer, protection of an employer in the case of unlawful conduct by the employee

Our law firm’s clients include small and medium-sized employers, to whom I provide legal advice particularly in drafting labour law documentation, establishment of labour law relations at the workplace, drafting of wage assessments, internal regulations, as well as the negotiation of an employment contract, both prior to its conclusion as well as before its termination, and also in assessing whether there is any illegal conduct occuring at their workplaces against this documentation.

A separate area of specialisation is the representation of employees in cases where an employer is attempting to terminate their employment, for example, under threat of immediate termination of employment, or if they are forced to work overtime without adequate compensation or to work in conditions that are in breach of the law.

Furthermore, I represent employees in filing a claim for and enforcement of damages for personal injury caused by a work accident.

JUDr. Vít Nevařil, law firm, Opletalova 1015/55, Praha 1, Nové Město, 110 00, e-mail: info@ak-nevaril.cz

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