Representation of creditors, debtors, and other subjects of enforcement proceedings upon the start, during the course, and at the termination of enforcement

  • drafting and filing an enforcement petition
  • petition to suspend the enforcement proceedings
  • petition to postpone the enforcement
  • assessment of the suitability of the debtor/creditor insolvency petition

Legal advice during a voluntary / involuntary auction process pursuant to the Public Auction Act or the Code of Civil Procedure

I provide legal aid to both entitled and obligated parties. In the case of entitled parties, I shall make sure that the enforcement proceedings are not subject to unnecessary delays, that the enforcement is carried out continuously and that, if possible, all assets that fall or can fall within the obligated party’s estate are identified and secured with maximum certainty.

When representing obligated parties, I first verify the validity and legitimacy of the enforcement order, whether the proceedings prior to the issuance of the enforcement order proceeded in accordance with the law and whether there is any reason, for example, to file an action for a retrial, an action for nullity of judgement, or any other way that could lead to a breach of the legal power of the enforcement order, which is followed by a relatively fast suspension of enforcement.

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