- Drafting and filing a criminal complaint of representing the notifying/injured person

- Legal aid to the injured party, witnesses and to persons upon the provision of an explanation

- Legal aid to injured parties - in particular, the enforcement of damages against a perpetrator of a crime, representation and legal aid in criminal proceedings as the victim‘s attorney

- Legal aid to crime victims, including the exercise of crime victims' rights

Legal aid for the victim usually begins with drafting and filing a criminal complaint and continues in representing the injured party during the course of providing an explanation.  If the damage is quantifiable in monetary terms, the strategy is always discussed in terms of the possibility / effectiveness of enforcing damages in civil proceedings, or waiting for a final decision in criminal proceedings, as the case may be. If the perpetrator of a crime has a genuine internal motivation to enter into negotiations with the victim concerning compensation for damage suffered (damages), I represent the victim in such negotiations so as to ensure that these negotiations with the offender, if he/she has a real interest in paying the damages, is effective, quick and meaningful.


Clients who are invited to submit an explanation shall be provided with an interpretation of the nature and substance of these acts, the rights and obligations of the person submitting an explanation or witness testimony, and the obligations of criminal law enforcement authorities during that act.

In the case of crime victims, I focus primarily on ensuring that criminal law enforcement authorities take note of this circumstance at the earliest possible stage of the criminal proceedings and that procedural steps are carried out in such a manner as to respect the victim of the crime. If it is expedient and if the conditions are met, steps shall be taken in accordance with the Act on Crime Victims to obtain a financial payment, which serves the crime victims.

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