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Profile of the Office

JUDr. Vít Nevařil

JUDr. Vít Nevařil


In establishing my own law firm in 2017, I continued on from my previous work in the legal profession dating back to 2011.

In my legal practice, I specialise in the provision of legal advice and in representing clients in civil law, commercial law, family law, labour law and criminal matters, as well as in negotiating more complex business transactions related to the purchase or sale of an asset, the entry of an investor into a business, or the sale of a company.

In providing legal services to my clients – individuals and legal entities, entrepreneurs and public entities, my emphasis is on the economical feasibility and efficiency of the solution adopted.

In addition to Czech, I provide legal services in English, and I also have a working knowledge of Spanish and German.

I am a member of the Czech Bar Association and the Union of Czech Defence Attorneys.

If you need a non-binding consultation with a lawyer on your case, an initial one-hour consultation is always free of charge, regardless of whether or not the case was taken on or not.


Charles University in Prague, field of Law and Jurisprudence, being awarded a Master’s title (“Mgr.” in Czech)

2012 – 2015

Articles clerk practice


Charles University in Prague, field of Law and Jurisprudence, being awarded a Doctor of Law title (iuris utriusque doctor in Latin and “JUDr.” in Czech).


Entry in the list of attorneys

2015 – 2017

Associate attorney at a law firm


Establishment of AK Nevařil law firm


Gained membership in the Union of Czech Defence Attorneys

Services and fields of specialisation

Our specialisation – procedural law


Civil law


Business Law


Criminal law


JUDr. Vít Nevařil, law firm, Václavské náměstí 808/66, Praha 1, 110 00, e-mail: info@ak-nevaril.cz